How To Store A Kayak: A Comprehensive Guide 2023

Kayaking storage can be a big challenge as they are big and heavy. But it does not mean that you should not protect it well. Storing the kayak in a good place extends its life. How to store a kayak, solution is here in this post, so keep with us.

  • Where To Store A Kayak: It is literally ok to protect your kayak to keep indoors. But it is more practical to keep your kayak outside, as long as your kayak is covered from the sun and heat.
  • How To Store Your Kayak: First of all, you need to know how to position your kayak or which tools can be used for holding it up. also learn how to secure the hull from damage, how to keep your boat clean or how to prevent it from theft.

Where to Store Your Kayak

Where To Store A Kayak

Inflatable or folding kayak is easy to store as you can simply fold or roll your kayak up and store in any place cool or dry. But a rigid kayak that is large in height and size can make it difficult to store.

The safest place to store a kayak is where the temperature, humidity, and sunlight are limited.  

Sunlight: sunlight consists of ultraviolet rays that can damage your kayak even if it is made with any material.

Moisture: When it rains or snows, your kayak gets wet, which spoils it quickly.

Heat: Excessive heat also causes damage to the kayak. Therefore, it is said that the kayak should be kept away from hot and humid places.

Cold: It is usually not as harmful as keeping a kayak in the heat. But to some extent, melting snow and getting the kayak wet can damage the material.

Storage Location

5 best ways to store a kayak

To store a kayak there are two places such as indoor and outdoor. Let’s consider both ways.

Indoor Storage

If you have enough space to store the kayak in a garage room or shed, then definitely do it because it protects your kayak from heat and moisture.

Outdoor Storage

There are different outdoor options to store a kayak outdoors such as under a strap, in a bag, under the edge of the roof  or below the deck. These are all the places for the people who don’t have enough space in their houses or live in a department condo. You can consider that points to keep your kayak outdoors.

Shade Is The Best 

Find a shady spot to store your kayak. It protects your kayak from the heat of the sun and dangerous rays. Otherwise if a shaded area is not available, use a trap that covers your kayak’s hull throughout the day.

Protect Against Moisture 

Protect your kayak from rainwater and snow. Wrap the trap you are using over the kayak in such a way that it is protected from water and snow.

How To Store Your Kayak

how to properly store a kayak

Storing a kayak on the ground or on the floor is not a good idea as it can damage the hull due to dirt or debris on the ground.

You can store your kayak in two ways.

  1. On A Rack 
  2. Suspension

On A Rack 

The rack keeps your boat grounded. You can also buy and build racks. A rack allows the hull of your kayak to be held up. 


Use a suspension system to hang your kayak up. Suspension is meant for storing kayaks especially. You can also make a suspension by yourself using a wide elastic strap. Hang the boat in such a way that its hull is towards the roof. Using grub loops to hang the boat can turn the boat. So you can use wide straps to wrap the kayak.

If you are using a suspension system you can consider those points.

store kayak outside

Clean Your Kayak: Before hanging up your kayak make sure you clean your kayak carefully. Rinse your kayak with fresh water to remove any dirt, sand, salt or dirt. Get rudder cables, rudder or foot braces. Wash your boat once or twice a year with soapy water. Avoid chemicals that will damage the kayak. Dry the kayak before storing it if you are using an inflatable or folding kayak.

Equally distribute the weight: Balance the weight of your kayak and hang it up. Lest there be too much weight on one side causing it to bow or bend. Use padded credles or straps of wide nylon to secure your kayak at strategic locations along its length. It is recommended to hold your kayak about one third on each end.

Avoid tying tightly: Do not tie your kayak down too tightly when you are transporting it in a vehicle to place it on a rack or secure it with straps. When you tie it too tightly, it can spoil your kayak for a while.

Add UV Protection: For hard-shell kayaks use a Uv resistant spray to secure it from high damage Uv rays. 

Gather All Your Essentials: Don’t forget to take all your essentials such as a float bag, spray skirt, bilge pump or your paddles. Separate all your accessories from the kayak, wash and dry them. If possible, keep all these accessories at home. 

Consider Ease Of Access: Choose a space where you can go easily at any time.

Theft Protection

A good kayak fetches a good price. So if you are storing your kayak outside, you need to take some necessary steps to protect it from theft.

  • Keep it in such a way that no one can see it.
  • No thief can take it and run away
  • Use vehicle steering lock across the cockpit of the boat. In this way your kayak will be secure until unlocked.
  • Use a security cable such as steering wheel lock or a grab loop


We hope you will do something new with this article. Don’t forget to secure your kayak from Uv rays otherwise they will damage your kayak. If you have any confusion you can tell us quickly and we respond to you as quickly as possible.

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