Hobie Mirage Inflatable Padel Kayaks 2023

hobie inflatable kayak
Hobie Inflatable kayak

When we are with family or other loved ones we wish that every moment should be enjoy properly as in our busy life it is very hard to spend time with family. So for this purpose kayaking is the option to spend and enjoy with loved ones. So I am just going to introduce you with my Hobie Inflatable kayak.

Kayaking with my old kayaks always annoyed me, due to its time taking process. And I have only some hours in a week to do kayaking. So I don’t want want to waste it. After trying lots of kayaks, I heard about the Hobie inflatable kayak.

It was my new experience with this kayak but it never disappointed me. I am very glad to have this wonderful kayak. It is easy to use and bring it anywhere you want.


It is awesome and uncomplicated in its use,  as it takes just 5 minutes to inflate. The Hobie ITrek Series is super easy to transport anywhere in any of your vehicles as well as airlines and trains.  It has low weight so you can easily bring it anywhere you want to go kayaking. You can even comfortably use it in the UK and Canada lakes and rivers. 


Its manufacturing is superb as it is made with stable and sturdy material such as MirageDrive. This kayak is perfect if you want to do fishing, exploring some new or exercising on water bodies. 


 It has a lavishing design that captures the attention of others. It’s most interesting that I enjoyed it a lot, it gives you a hands free ride. So just enjoy kayaking without any stress and hurdles. Hobie Inflatable kayaks consist of a maximum of four seats that are quite comfortable for your backrest and easy to ride on it.


It has great ability to move fast on water bodies. Due to its low weight you can enjoy stunts on water easily with your friends without any hesitation. You can move it in any direction perfectly. I assure you it will not disheart you in your adventure.

Hobie Mirage I Trek 11 Inflatable Kayak

Here I have the new itreck 11 from Hobie. It is part of Hobie’s new inflatable line of kayaks, and they have a 9 and 11 a tandem 14, and the fiesta the 11 is great for anglers and recreational kayakers. Packs up into a duffel bag come with an electric pump comes with the paddle.

It has a pedal drive and a seat with a rudder system. I love the handles on itrek 11, and there are a lot of them. The handle on the front is great. There are three across the middle and one in the back, so this makes loading up and carrying it easy.

The other thing is that as an angler, you’re casting and especially fly fishers. When you’re casting and retrieving the line, sometimes that line would hang up on the old moulded hand style handles, but these do not catch any line or anything like that.

So it makes it sleek and easy for out fishing. the front bungee system

is great for putting a small bag or small accessories upfront. the itrek 11 comes standard with a gt drive that has the kick up fins, so you don’t have to worry about bending the bar if you run into anything that has adjustment for leg length, just like all of the other Hobie systems.

Also is a comfortable and durable system. One of the things that I found with this kayak on flat water is fast. It’s one of the fastest Hobie kayaks that’s out there.

So turbo pins are not necessary installs. Just by dropping it in, you can take it out by pulling those two black taps forward. Easy to use.

The seat’s lightweight’s cool, so in hot weather, there’s a lot of airflows, and it’s comfortable. There’s an amount on either side of the seat, and you can mount the cup holder and the joystick for the rudder, so you can choose which side you want to have those accessories on.

There’s a little red uh pin here that holds the accessories in place, and that’s the same pin that holds the rudder in the back. As well, installing the seat is simple. There are two hooks in the front and then in the back. There’s a bungee that holds the back part of the seat.

So installing the seat, you clip the back of the seat until you hear the snap pull those bungees over those clips and then in the front. These clips hook onto this D-ring, and then make sure you tighten up that strap. The back of the seat has a nice little storage pouch.

It also has a clip for keys or other accessories that you want to keep away from the water moving to the back of the kayak. There are bungees in the back to install an h crate for storage; you also have this rudder. I found with this rudder that the rudder turns on a dime. It’s sharp turning, even though the boat doesn’t come with reverse. 

You don’t need it. I like that the rudder kicks up, so if you are coming into shore or hitting rocks or anything like that, you don’t have to worry about damaging it. It’s going to kick out of the way at the end of the day. It’s really easy to take the rudder off the kayak many times. I leave the rudder attached to the seat, and I just roll it all up together.

So once you have everything unhooked, transportation, it’s really easy to carry this thing separately. You can load the kayak up on a rooftop if you already have it pumped up in advance, or you can roll it up and put it in the duffel bag.


I hope that overview of itrek 11 helps you if you’re considering purchasing a kayak. There are other hobie inflatable for sale like I mentioned the 9, the 14 and the fiesta, but we think that the 11 will be the way to go for anglers.

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