Best Inflatable kayak For whitewater 2023- Beginner and Entry Level

Do you find the best inflatable kayak for whitewater, which has amazing stability, good maneuverability, flexible bow, and sturdy design? So in this article, I will introduce you to the best inflatable kayaks for whitewater containing these all features as well as we will also guide you to the best whitewater kayak for heavy persons and big guys in 2022.

The best whitewater kayak which we reviewed was recommended to the top companies of kayaking fields. These all have good material and affordable prices. We checked all of them. Very exciting to review all of them, so let’s get started. 

10 Best Inflatable Kayaks For Whitewater:

1.Driftsun Rover 120/220 Inflatable Tandem White-Water Kayak:

9.7/10 Our Score


  • Material: Reinforced Layered PVC 
  • Weight capacity:  2 people  600 lbs.
  • Weight: 28 lbs

The whitewater tandem driftsun rover is a versatile kayak that is perfect to use with the family. It is easy to use as this kayak performs well on both rough and flatwater. It is made with quality material such as reinforced PVC and layered that provides you the maximum resistance from punctures. 

The rigid high pressure floor provides you with great stability, resists dog claws and various other hazards. Also this comes with 8 self bailing ports perfect for family use. 

The streamlined kayak contains some amazing features such as corrosion resistant hardware, a profile that handles the rough water, a removable skeg, high quality hardware and valves, a camera mount, splash guard, paddle splash, air chambers and a repair kit . 

The best inflatable kayak for whitewater is highly suitable for class III and IV rapids. The amazing point about this kayak which retains my interest toward this is that you can capture all your adventures with the camera mount, or even you don’t need a helmet mount.  

The family friendly kayak contains enough space for your storage. Storage is plentiful with tie down points and additional bungee storage compartments that provide additional storage space. Also it is easy to transport as there is a carry bag to pack it.  

  • Robust and long-lasting.
  • Contain a front camera mount.
  • Lightweight. 
  • Compact design.
  • Suitable for weights and space of all sizes.
  • Contain a repair kit. 
  • Expensive. 
  • Tie down storage.

2.Airhead Montana Kayak Two Person Inflatable Kayak:

9.6/10 Our Score


  • Material: PVC 
  • Weight capacity:  500 Lbs.
  • Weight: 36.3 lbs

One of the features of the inflatable kayaks, especially the Montana series, is that it’s built on a bladder system. That means is that it has an outer shell and then with a few zips of the zipper you can access the inside bladder which is really what contains the air so it’s a double-walled featured kayak for added security resist punctures allows you to bounce off a few more rocks with this type of system.

The airhead Montana’s have a three bladder system that means that there’s two bladders on each side and then one in the floor the way that the valving works for these Montana’s. 

it’s a simple Boston valve they simply screw into the each of the bladders and then the cap is also screwed on top and that’s the same for each of these bladders. their head seats are really.

Montana’s are rated for up to class two flat water rivers or lakes and one of the neat features about this is that it has molded in fins or sometimes called skegs that help keep the boat tracking in one direction. 

So every paddle stroke your boat isn’t wobbling back and the another feature about the boat that may appear a little strange but due to It’s lightweight, these are really easy to porridge and to help you port it to the boat.

  • Quick to inflate.
  • Portable and stable.
  • Easy to access.
  • Unique space for storage.
  • Affordable.
  • Doesn’t have a carry bag.

3.Sevylor Big Basin 3-Person Kayak:

9.5/10 Our Score


  • Material: Heavy Duty PVC, Tarpaulin.
  • Weight capacity: 490 lbs.
  • Weight: 41lbs.

Sevylor big basin made with heavy duty PVC is rugged for lake use. This is a 3 person kayak so you can go kayaking with your family easily. This is the most amazing kayak for fun on the water with your family members and your friends.

This is the largest whitewater inflatable kayak that floats really smooth in rough water. The rugged material proved you excellent security whenever you face any rocks on the way.

Therefore there are multiple chambers for extra security. Each chamber is constructed with airtight double thread boston valves that make it easy to inflate and deflate. The provided spray covers ensure the cockpit is dry.   

The seats are adjustable and provide you extra comfort when paddling. This is a perfect inflatable whitewater kayak for tall people who want to get comfort in regular tandem inflatable kayaks. 

The kayak also has leg room and is also perfect for small families that enable them to keep everything safe in one place instead of taking another kayak. It contains D rings on the hull that makes it easy to attach other items.

  • Featuring spray covers for tough construction.
  • Spacious and long.
  • High weight capacity.
  • Affordable.
  • Doesn’t have a complete kit of accessories just like air pump, kayak paddle etc.

4.Sea Eagle Inflatable Sport Kayak Best For Small Person:

9.4/10 Our Score


  • Material: Polykryler
  • Weight capacity: 500 lbs
  • Weight:  26 lbs

The sea eagle comes with the ideal price and quality both. One of the best things about this kayak besides budget is weight. This boat comes in at 26 pounds which is extremely manageable. 

It works great. It’s a little bit narrower but it held all of the gear that we needed. if you are on the budget we recommend you next up.

The sea eagle 2 person is my favorite boat for whitewater, lakes and flatwater trips. It has three air chambers. it also has an inflatable keel on the front to keep the front locked in and a removable the fin on the back to help with tracking as well.

It’s perfect for multi-day camping trips. This is always my first choice for flatwater trips. I also love the fast-track models because of how light they are. 

A single person can easily carry this kayak. This inflates really fast with both a foot pump and an electric pump. This is the deluxe model with the better seat and the bag on the back where I can stash my gear and quickly reach back and grab it. 

  • Comfy and easy to carry and inflate.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Stable. 
  • Quite tracking well.
  • Lightweight.
  • Great for beginners. 
  • Not for larger kayakers.

5.ADVANCED ELEMENTS AdvancedFrame Sport Kayak:

9.7/10 Our Score


  • Material: Pvc
  • Weight capacity: 250 lbs
  • Weight: 26 lbs

Advanced elements advanced frame is an inflatable kayak that comes with plenty of features and all necessary things that we need while kayaking. The solo paddler finds this kayak perfect for them.

It comes with a removable seat, tracking fin, a carrying bag and a repair kit. When we talk about home storage and transportation this provides excellent ease and comfort.

This kayak is meant for the flatwater so you can join it on the lakes for trips. This is a single person sitting inside a kayak exploring slow moving rivers. This is an ideal kayak for the beginners containing a large cockpit that provides the facility to make it easier to enter or exit.

Made with the PVC Layered material makes it more durable and strong and also provides extra protection from any punctures. Besides, the tracking built in the hull improves your tracking moves in a single line. 

  • Removable seat.
  • Sit inside a kayak
  • Amazing performance.
  • Good rigidity.
  • There is a self draining valve.
  • No spray cover.

6.Solstice Best Fishing Kayak For Whitewater:

9.5/10 Our Score


  • Material: Heavy duty 26G K80
  • Weight capacity: 360 lbs
  • Weight: 26 lbs

The solstice kayak is a versatile kayak that is designed for one or two people on the whitewater. The heavy duty kayak is constructed with rugged material and has a radio frequency welded design.

The shorter length and narrower design ensures you can move quickly on the whitewater, perfect for small persons. The raft has 2 two comfortable seats including rear spray. It has an i beam floor and 3 air chambers for easy maneuvering. 

This is a very stable kayak and can easily inflate and deflate as there are built in quick-release boston valves. This is a lightweight kayak and stays stable and durable even in bad weather conditions.

However it is easy to carry and performed well in untamed rivers and awry rivers. Perform excellent in a rough whitewater. This is the best whitewater kayak  for a person who wants to go fishing. 

Also an angler found this kayak helpful. This is an inflatable kayak for whitewater that is also ideal for fishing purposes. It has a lure that contains two flush mounted rod holders.

It also has the features of a rear and front uni track rail with tie down system, non-slip standing pad and a stand up leash. Besides the lure has an electronic pod and removable sonar. 

  • Contains spray covers.
  • Seats are adjustable.
  • Durable.
  • Perfect for severe whitewater conditions.
  • Hard wearing.
  • Contains amazing features for fishing.
  • There are no self draining valves.

7.Advanced Elements Straitedge Best Tandem Inflatable: 

9.6/10 Our Score


  • Material: Heavy-duty Pvc Layered
  • Weight capacity: 500 lbs
  • Weight: 47 lbs

Advanced Elements Straitedge2 is a tandem inflatable kayak for whitewater. It is meant for solo paddling with unique adjustments. The  kayak takes less than 10 minutes to inflate and is durable enough for the whole day. 

As it is a tandem kayak so it can carry up to 3 persons at a time as well. The kayak is made with an aluminum bow and stern frame that offers you a good experience on open water.

It performs in shed water in high seas and open water thanks to its valves. This sit on top kayak is perfect for both solo and for whitewater kayaking. The heavy duty pvc layered makes this kayak puncture resistant. 

In addition the seats are made with padded smesh which meant you could travel the whole day without bearing spinal strain. The stable 3 kayak is used on level 3 water. The provided straps ensure that you are seiling in a straight line.  

  • Pre assembled.
  • Easy to install.
  • Easy to inflate in under 10 minutes and remains durable the whole day.
  • Portable and easy to set up.
  • Open water tracking system.
  • Relatively slower than others.

8.Sevylor Tahiti Best Inflatable Kayak for Whitewater Budgets : 

9.4/10 Our Score


  • Material: Heavy duty Pvc 
  • Weight capacity:  441 lbs
  • Weight: 26 lbs

The sevylor tahiti kayak is a versatile kayak that comes in a broad shape. The high performance kayak is the perfect option when you want to go on a wide range of adventures.

It has the capacity to adjust up to 2 adults and 1 child. Its overall performance amazes you even when traveling long distances. Plus it offers excellent tracking as it has a flexible tracking fin and welded directional strakes. 

Comfortably inflate and deflate by using boston valves. The traditional hardshell kayak made with high quality Pvc material saves this from any damage even in whitewater.

Plus it has 2 air chambers built inside and offers a safe and stable journey. Kayaking on the whitewater is a difficult task, and you may face lots of punctures while paddling. That’s why it has an i beam floor.

  • Contain a carry bag.
  • Have a pressure gauge.
  • Its guarantee does not leak.
  • Contain D rings on the hull.
  • NMMA certified.
  • None at all.

9.Aquaglide McKenzie 105 Inflatable Kayak:

9.6/10 Our Score


  • Material: Duratex w/ welded seams
  • Weight capacity: 300 lbs
  • Weight: 24 lbs

Aquaglide McKenzie is a one person inflatable kayak for whitewater. This is also a recreational kayak that is equipped with numerous and advanced technical features. The hybrid crossover kayak is designed for running rapids or spotting the perfect swell. 

It is a Duratex design, featuring EvoBeam, and 4 gridded drains for rapid water draining. There are also some handy features including Posi-track fin, velcro seat, Halkey-Roberts type valve.

Best Inflatable kayak for whitewater hybrids contains 3 tubes that increase the safety level. This is not a very long kayak but it is easy to handle and turn. When you are solo paddling you need to put in a little  more effort, but I think you will find this inflatable kayak extremely easy to use even if you are a total beginner.

Plus it contains a pressure relief valve, a touring fina, a hull and tie down floor loops. The provided seat and its cushion are more comfortable, and there are 4 built in D rings for attaching the seats.

  • Come with a complete repair kit. 
  • 2 core kayak seats.
  • Halkey-Roberts Valve Adaptor
  • Durable reinforced material.
  • Contain a posi track fin.
  • Package includes no pumps.
  • Does not have extra storage.

10.Hardcore Best 2 Person Inflatable Kayak For Whitewater:

9.5/10 Our Score


  • Material: Pvc
  • Weight capacity: 600 lbs
  • Weight: 60 lbs

The Hardcore Water Sports is the latest inflatable kayak designed to allow you to calm your mind in the roaring whitewater. This kayak has a wide hull design and large 13″ outer tubes offers durability and reliability in most whitewater environments. 

This is a best 2 person inflatable kayak for whitewater but during one-person paddling, the second seat can be removed to make space for a pack. Quality materials are used to construct Hardcore duckies, which are durable and easy to paddle in a variety of conditions. 

It is made with heavy duty 1500 denier. The  fabric is protected by a PVC outer layer to ensure high-quality, long-lasting, and affordable kayaks. However if you want to spend thrilling whitewater or quality time with the family, this is the right option for you.

  • Made with high quality material.
  • Contain a pressure relief valve and air chambers.
  • Perfect for both calm and rapid whitewaters.
  • Quick, tough and heavy.
  • None.

Buying Guide For Best Inflatable whitewater Kayaks:

Best whitewater kayak buying guide

Kayaking on whitewater is comparatively different as compared to flat water. It takes some challenges for you. So if you are an adventurer and like to play with challenges you must buy a whitewater kayak for yourself. 

So before you purchase these kayaks, here are some guides that are compulsory for you to know.

Scupper Holes:

When you are choosing an inflatable kayak you must notice that the kayak must be self-bailing, which means it drains and dries super fast. Because no matter how you are an entry-level or professional kayaker, the water will pour into the kayak while paddling on the super high rapids. 


This is another important factor. When you buy an inflatable kayak for whitewater you need to focus on its portability. That means, if a kayak is portable you can easily transport it or adjust it into your car’s trunk.


A good material shows the kayak’s durability and stability. Material is the necessary point of a product. Good material makes the kayak numerous and successful. 

The kayak that you select for your journey has durable fabric as it does not expose at the side of a sharp rock. And it is also lightweight to pack down and transport without using a trailer.

Short and Wide Design:

The short and wide design is one of the best designs for the best inflatable kayak for whitewater brands. That design helps a lot to navigate a kayak, put your efforts less and kayaks are assisted by moving water.


The inflatable kayaks are good for whitewater as it offers great access to whitewater and multi-day trips. These kayaks are stable, durable, and have the maximum weight capacity that is needed for the challenges of whitewater.

Yes, of course. Inflatable whitewater kayaks are safe to use. But you also need to remember your safety tips while paddling to secure yourself.

All the inflatable kayaks are good for whitewater but there are some specifications you need to know. You focus on the material, scupper holes, portability, and many others. But you can read and check our review on the best inflatable kayak on whitewater that clears all your doubts.

Inflatable kayaks are built to withstand a lot more than a slight spray, class II, III and even powerful class IV rapids can damage any inflatable kayak. So think about how you will use it before you buy it.  


I’ve had to face some difficulty to make a list of the best inflatable whitewater kayaks for you, as there are no more products for whitewater at a high range.

Moreover, if you are confused after reviewing the whole article. Thus, I suggest you some recommendations from my heart.

Our Recommendations:


NETGEAR Nighthawk X10

ADVANCED ELEMENTS AdvancedFrame Sport Kayak:
  • Removable seat.
  • Sit inside a kayak
  • Amazing performance.
  • Good rigidity.

NETGEAR Nighthawk X10

Sevylor Tehiti Plus Kayak:
  • Contain a carry bag.
  • Have a pressure gauge.
  • Its guarantee does not leak.
  • Contain D rings on the hull.

Asus RT-AC88U Dual-Band

Hardcore Best 2 Person:
  • High Quality Material
  • Contain a pressure relief valve and air chambers
  • Additionally Perfect for both calm and rapid whitewater
  • Quick, tough and heavy.

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