10 Best Dog kayaks 2023, Top Rated Inflatables

Finding a kayak can be a time-consuming task, especially for dogs, because when dogs ride in any kayak, we are afraid that the kayak will be torn by their toenails. Or you look for a kayak in which there is no fear of the kayak overturning even if the dog is full. Do you want to choose a kayak that is not damaged even by your dog’s nails and has enough space for you and your dog to kayak easily? So why don’t you choose Inflatable? 

Such kayaks are made with high quality materials, UV resistance, durability, puncture resistance and many other qualities which force you to start your kayaking journey with your puppy on one of them. Are you caring about the best dog kayaks? Don’t worry, come and read our review on best kayak for big dogs 2022.

Best Heavy Duty Inflatable Kayak For Dogs

Sea Eagle 3 Person Inflatable Portable Sport Kayak

In sea eagle 370 pro you have the space of up to 3 persons. If you want more comfort it is best for one person and dog, similar to 2 persons. This kayak is durable and tear resistant as it is made with K-80 polykrylar. 

Its max capacity is 650 lbs, that’s great.So I’m able to carry my large dog into it. Its amazing durability impressed me a lot. You can select the space according to your preference as the seats are flexible, and can easily be attached or removed. 

This is a great kayak for space. It’s ideal if you want to carry your puppy or any gear. Sea eagle E370 offers excellent stability as well as paddle friendly. It has 5 I-beam floors, so this is the best inflatable kayak for large dogs. 

I like it the most that it is a self-bailing kayak which means that one valve continually drains water and keeps your kayak dry. 

Tip: This is the best extra large kayak that offers excellent stability and durability. Don’t risk you leaving this one if you are looking to kayak with your dog.


  • Good weight capacity 
  • Lot o space 
  • Flexible seats


  • Seats are not sturdy
  • Not suitable for windy conditions

Sevylor Coleman Colorado™ 2-Person Fishing Kayak

Sevylor Coleman Colorado is a 2 person inflatable kayak that can easily manage you and your pooch. My dog is of a large breed, but when I sat with him in this boat, I did not feel any lack of space literally.

This kayak also suits in rough conditions. Its bottom is designed with 1000D tarpaulin. The main reason for its stability is that it has 840D nylon cover which can easily bear the bite of your pooch nails. 

This is a 2 person fishing kayak perfect and enables your dog to move around freely. As it is meant for fishing, it has the capacity to withstand a considerable amount of movement when a fisherman stands up. This is the biggest reason why I choose this or add it to the list. 

Flexible seats enable  you to adjust your comfort according to their needs. The inflatable kayak has enough storage space back to the seats and on the sidewalls. These bulky side walls allow fishermen to tighten the kayak slightly if required.

This is the great chance to lose your hands free by using the mounted paddle and rod holders. The kayak does not contain a paddle or pump. The kayak is made with rugged and super durable material. This is really a dog friendly kayak. Make sure your seats are comfortable for you.

Remember: You will need to buy a paddle and pump separately.


  • Amazing kayak for fishing
  • Built in motor 
  • Durable and rugged 


  • Cockpit is not large

Aquaglide Chinook XP Tandem Inflatable Kayak

The ever popular kayak by dog owner, aquaglide chinook tandem. The amazing feature of this kayak is that it has a space of 3 persons, or you can even go with your large dog and your friend also. This is a versatile kayak due to its extra large cockpit design. 

Aquaglide is meant for recreational outing that offers extraordinary comforts. Its inflatable seats give you relaxant all the day you travel. The tandem kayak is built with X beam technology and its superb floor made with inflatable chambers. 

This really gives experience of great stability and tracking. Your kayak will also save from any puncture as it is made with rugged material,  600D polyester that offers amazing protection against any punctures. It’s spacious, sturdy and handles well.


  • Best for two adults and a 90lb dog
  • Lots of room
  • Easy to fill and carry and clean 


  • The price is hard to beat for such a good kayak

Elkton Outdoors Cormorant 2 Person Inflatable Fishing Kayak

Elkton outdoors cormorant is a tandem fishing kayak perfect for recreations.  It is made with 1000D PVC and 18 gauge. The kayak is hook resistant and tear free, a great alternative to a rigid kayak. 

This kayak will not leak with your dog paws and with fishing hooks. The two person kayak has a thick bottom made with heavy duty material making it more tear resistant and leakage free. 

Plus a nylon cover makes it more reliable and durable to use for many years. The kayak is easy, simple and quick to adjust, assess, and restore due to its 3 air chambers. Furthermore it has comfortable seats which makes your travel more enjoyable and relax able. 


  • Durable, strong, and easy to handle
  • Seats are adjustable for a tall person
  • Very sturdy and tight


  • There are no cup holders or pockets
  • Two rope and glue for the repair kit are not included

ADVANCED ELEMENTS Island Voyage 2, Kayaks For Dogs

Advanced elements island voyage 2 fit everything in a bag. All the accessories come with a fin lock in there the bottom  has like our little rail skid plate very nice protective. Folding it out is very easy maneuvering around this whole thing is very easy. it’s very lightweight, under 40 pounds. 

The good modestly priced kayak comes with a couple of seats. The paddles and the inflator here are extra that way if you already have them you don’t have to buy them again and that allows them to reduce the price. It has a very high quality 600D material. The zipper and the jacket gives you a lot of protection on the outside for punctures.

The bungee cord has a little adjuster at the top. You really fasten that thing down, handles are easy to carry and the inflation is really easy.  It comes with a whole bunch of different little nozzles. There is a deflate and inflate section and a pressure gauge as well and pressure gauge as well.

The kayaking paddle actually felt a little bit nicer than some of the other ones I’ve had. The foam there goes together real nice, certainly better than the in-text one and I would say just as good as the one I was sent from sea eagle paid nothing for this review. By the way, the inflation valves are really easy. I actually like them, possibly just as much as the sea eagle. They don’t have any moving parts and there’s a flap here that covers the bottom inflation valve.


  • Very well balanced
  • easy to inflate 
  • very stable


  • Some people found that losing air on the right side 

AIRE Tributary Strike 2 Tandem Inflatable Kayak

Aire tributary strike 2 tandem inflatable kayak is the best choice for the person who is new to kayaking with dogs. If you are completely new and want to kayak with your dog you can check this one. This is a two person inflatable kayak . 

It’s a tough material made with PVC-coated nylon. Urethane AIREcell bladders enhance the durability of the overall kayak. You can remove the front seat to paddling solo. Aire tributary is a lightest inflatable kayak as it weights just 37 lbs. That’s why you can easily carry it or transport anywhere, plus you can store it more conveniently. 

Its built-in chambers offer great security. The cockpit floor contains self bailing drains which is a plus point to secure from the excess of water.  In any accidental case you can go back to repair your kayak thanks to its 3 air chambers.

The kayak has allowed your dog to climb in and out. Furthermore this is a perfect kayak to handle the waves of whitewater.


  • Perfect for both solo and tandem paddling 
  • 3 air chambers 
  • Perfect for whitewater paddling 


  • None 

Star Viper XL Inflatable Kayak

Are you looking for a kayak for a smaller dog? Star viper XL inflatable kayak is the perfect choice. This is a single kayak especially made for smaller dogs. This is a kayak that intermediate kayakers use mostly. Its compact design enables you to menuer easily in the water. 

The star viper xl solo kayak is easy to transport as it is only 39.5 lbs. The kayak made 1000 denier PVC material. The air chambers fitted in the bow and stern offer a great experience of flotation. The provided air chambers added extra security even if one chamber became punctured, your kayak will not deflate. You can utilize the rest of the punctures to perform repair. 

Although this is a small kayak it ensures you can handle all the jumps and bumps against rocks when paddling on whitewater. The kayak comes with two transport handles pointed in bow and stern, so you can easily transport by using these handles. Also star viper has self bailing drain ports that disallow water to enter the cockpit.


  • Aggressive rocker design
  • Built for bigger paddlers
  • Multiple colors


  • Not a very good quality plastic 
  • While paddling cockpit get hot 

Star Challenger Fishing Inflatable Kayak 

Star challenger fishing kayak is best for those who have prior experience kayaking with their dogs. This super flat design kayak is made for intermediate and advanced level kayakers. Star challenger fishing kayak is the most unique inflatable kayak for dogs that is especially meant for this purpose.

You need to ensure that your dog has an understanding of verbal command with this kayak. So that you will have a stable trip. The kayak has a large open deck that assists your dog to climb back on to the kayak.

Despite being the lightest kayak on the market, the kayak only weighs 27 pounds. Containing a removable fin for better tracking. Its drop stitch floor is made with PVC material and six inches thick. That said it has a screened port below the seat that removes water from the deck. 


  • Comfortable seats 
  • Lot of legroom
  • Come with mounts


  • Doesn’t have any paddle 
  • Expensive

ADVANCED Elements Straightedge 2 Kayak

Advanced elements straightedge is a 2 person kayak. This is the best kayak for dogs because you can remove the front seat to give your dog more space. Plus it is a sit on top inflatable kayak. The kayak can weigh up to 500 lbs. It means you and your dogs can surely go for a trip with gear without any worry. 

The kayak is 13 feet long and 35 inches wide. When the kayak inflated it was 12.75 inches high, 18 inches wide and 39.5 inches deep. The fully inflated kayak weighs up to 47 lbs. The versatile kayak is meant for a cool atmosphere even if you can use it in wavy conditions. 

The cockpit has a drain port feature that makes it dry all the time when pedaling. But you can close these ports to keep yourself warm and dry while paddling on cold calm water. Its aluminum frame offers amazing rigidity to the overall design connected in the bow and stern. Thus the kayak performs amazingly on long distances with stability. 


  • Containing a tracking skeg 
  • Versatile kayak 
  • High inflation pressure 


  • Uncomfortable due to quickly seating

AIRE Lynx II Tandem Inflatable Kayak-Blue

Aire lynx tandem kayak best water to paddling with dogs on flat calm water. This kayak is also constructed to withstand the whitewater waves and bumps and to perform stability on mild waves. The kayak measures up to 12.5 inches long and 39 inches wide. 

The exceptionally stable kayak weighs only 39 lbs. Aire lynx 2 person kayak is rigid and durable due to its double layer construction. The kayak has 2 cheetah inflatable seats that allows you to remove one of them to get more space for your pup. 

The air 3 air chamber seals and inflates using B7 valves. The Aire Lynx II contains 3 self bailing drain holes with 17 cargo loops. The cargo loops enable you to attach gear and accessories. Therefore this is the best kayak for river kayaking.


  • Easy to maneuver 
  • High weight capacity 
  • Stable 


  • A bit expensive

Jargon Buster

There are some unique points about inflatable kayaks and their constructions. The newbies especially welcome a warm to enlighten yourself with the basic kayaking terminologies here.


Pounds Per Square Inch(PSI) is the rating about the pressure of a kayak. It Tells how much a kayak can be inflated securely before it bursts. There are mostly kayaks that are designed to manage high pressure PSI. The kayak that has high PSI ratings offers stable and calm travel. These inflatable kayaks are more rigid than hardshell kayaks. 

Drop Stitch 

This is a fabric that is mostly used in inflatable kayaks and SUPs nowadays and paddlers because this fabric is meant to control high pressure. As the dog sups and kayaks needed high pressure so these kayaks were made with drop stitch floor.


Best inflatable kayaks are mostly made with PVC material. The basic advantage of polyvinyl chloride is that it is cheaper than other materials. But it does not compromise on quality, it is as durable, sturdy and portable as PSI or Drop Stitch. 

Buying Guide

As we have reviewed the best inflatable kayak for dogs, now we know what to consider while buying them. There is everything you should need to know while buying the right kayak for your dog. 

Single Vs Tandem

Most paddlers appreciate solo kayaking because it covers more ground while paddling. In my opinion it is the best option to buy if you have a smaller pup. But you can’t ignore the tandem advantages. A tandem inflatable kayak offers extra space for your gear and your puppy. If you have a big size dog, tandem kayak provides a comfortable travel. 

No doubt that both of these are best inflatable kayaks. It is not necessary that a single kayak always gives you less space, but you need to consider its dimensions or length. When you are going to buy you need to check out the length and dimension of the kayak. This is more important for you and your puppy to focus on paddling.

Max PSI Rating

PSI rating is the ratio of inflation of your kayak. It tells how much your kayak will be rigid when it’s inflated. The maximum PSI rating of each best inflatable standup paddleboard is 12 to 15 when fully inflated, such as a hardboard. That’s nothing but how much a kayak has a high PSI rating it can be more stable or efficient to maneuver. It would be a good choice to choose a kayak that has a maximum of 8 to 10 PSI.

Material And Construction 

A good material construct kayak can efficiently deal against rocks. You need to ensure that the material used in the kayak is strong enough to bear the pressure of your dog’s nails whenever your pup is standing in the kayak. 

Besides this welded seams is another important point in construction of a kayak. You don’t ignore this at all. The welded seams offer a great control of inflation pressure while paddling, plus it makes your kayak more stronger as compared to those that have not welded seams.

The Size Of Your Dog

It depends on your dog how much you need space in your cockpit. Let’s suppose you have a Jack Russel, so you don’t need any tandem kayak that offers longer space. For bigger dogs than you can think of. One thing to always remember is that whether you are the owner of a small dog or a larger one, you need to carry some essentials. Even if you are only going for a few hours. 

As per my experience i have recommended you to buy a kayak that has extra space for your cargo and gear and for your dog rather than to select a smaller space.


The best kayaks for dogs are designed with extra durability, so they offer amazing protection against tear and wear against environmental conditions of dogs, so most of the dogs’ inflatable kayaks are quite expensive. But if you wanna see some budget friendly options you can check out the best inflatable kayaks under $500.


Our best inflatable kayak for dogs is the star challenger because of a six inches high deck and for easy climbing back for the dog onto the kayak, deeper cockpit and multi purpose kayak. Also you can use this kayak for fishing purposes if you do not want to take your dog on  paddling. 

The kayak offers you an optimal vantage point so you can easily see your fish in the sea or has a folded back seat. This is a versatile, user friendly and best option for beginners to kayak with dogs. That’s all the features why we select this kayak as the best inflatable kayak for dogs. If you are willing to know how to kayaking with dogs you can jump directly on to that page.

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